Advantages to Study in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovak, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic & Greece

1. No Donations

2. No NEET

3. No IELTS 

4. No TOEFL 

5. All Classes Given In English Medium

6. Lowest Fees in Europe 3-7 Lack & Where as in India Fees 8-16 Lack per Year

7. Easy Registration Process in MCI after Completion, 

8. Highest Salary after Completion 2- 4 lack P.M,  

9. Eligible For Practice In USA, UK, Australia, New zeland, & Europe, 

10. Eligible for Permanent Resident (PR) In European Country (NRI) 

11. If Student do Pg (MD/MS) in Europe Country Student Got Good Stipend As well 3 years Pg Admission Direct. (You Save At least 2cr & Time 3 Year)

12. All Medical Equipment & Technology which is used by us will be Made by European Countries (Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Switzerland Etc.)


Disadvantage for Study in Philippines, China, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan & Russia

1. Not Eligible for Practice in USA, UK, Australia, New zealand, & European country

2. Low Salary at time of Practice 40k - 90k P.M

3. Not Eligible for Any PR Permanent Residents in Any Country 

4. In China Study Language 2 Years in English & 4 Years in Chinese 

5. In Philippines for Admission First 1.5 Years B.Sc Physiology Course then Appeared in Entrance Exam Conduct by Philippines Govt. If qualified then Got Admission in MD course

6. Philippines is poor capital country so there is prostitution in each city of country & His law Order is not cooperate with us.

7. In China he Develop our child to her community, language Etc. They give classes English for 2 years & after that he gives classes in Chinese language for 4 years

8. In Russia Mafia is Very Active & They doing Humans Organ's Business in very High level that why it’s very risking for us. They give classes English for 2 years & after that he gives classes in Russian language for 4 years

9. In Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstani these are Muslim countries and his capital income is poor 

10. In Nepal there are no sources of income in his country students go other countries like Australia, New zealand, Canada, UK, Europe for Higher study & Job's.

11. In India For Pg Admission you have to practice in rural area for 3 years ten you give NEET Exam for score then you give high donation for select our branch then you got admission so total time you spend for pg after graduation is 3+3Year=6 Years & Amount you paid is about 2.5 cr For Pg(MD/MS)


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